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Tuscazoar Endurance Race
100-mile, 75-mile, 50-mile, 25-mile

Saturday, August 31, 2024
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The 5th annual Tuscazoar 100 will be held at Camp Tuscazoar in the beautiful hills of Tuscarawas county on Aug 31st 2024. This year, we are mixing things up and you will be running the course BACKWARDS! All distances from 25 miles to 100 miles will be running the course in the opposite direction this year. It's still the same beautiful course, same challenging race and still ALL the food, but in REVERSE! In addition to our traditional 100 mile, 75,mile, 50 mile and 25 mile races we have the option for you to do an a.m. or a p.m. start for the 50 and the 25 mile distances!! That's right if you are looking for a chance to do a night run this is it! 50 milers can choose an 8am or 7pm start and 25 milers can choose to start at 9am or 7pm! We also have a 75 mile option for those of you wanting a bit more than 50 but not quite 100.


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Brimstone Bicycles


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Winding Trail Coffee


We have grown a great reputation of providing exceptional aid at our aid stations. We are confident you will find all you need and more along the course at all 5 of our aid stations. All of the aid stations all will be over stocked with both cold and hot food and snacks as well as water, soda, and electrolyte drinks.  
Route 800 5 Runner only
Zoar Zoar 9.5 Crew/ spectator
Route 800 13 Runner only
Dover Dam 15 Water only Runner only
Roost 17.5 Runner only
Iron Mine 19 water only Runner only
Roost 2 22 Runner only
Start/Finish 25 Crew/spectator


We allow drop bags for ALL racers.  Drop bag locations will be at the start/finish aid station and the route 800 aid station. There will be a loction for drop bags staying at the start/finish area close to the aid station. There will be a sign by the start/finish where you can place drop bags in the morning before your race start, to be taken to Rt. 800 aid station. They will be taken there after the race starts.



The course will be a 25 mile loop consisting of single track trail, old railroad beds and towpath trail. Along the course you will see beautiful woodlands, overlooks, old iron mine, Dover dam, Tuscawaras river and the historic town of Zoar. Total course elevation of approximately 2650 feet per loop. (10,600 feet for the 100 mile and 5,300 for the 50 mile.) Don't worry if you get lost easily, we mark our course  very well. We receive many props every year on how well our course is marked.




Friday August 30th, 5pm-7:30pm pre race packet pick up
5pm-8pm pre Race dinner


Saturday August 31st, 5:00am-5:45am 100 mile and 75 mile race day packet pick up

                                 5:15 race day packet pick up begins and available                                  until 15 minutes prior to your race distance start
5:45 pre race instructions/ national anthem
6am 100 mile and 75 mile RACE START
7:45 50 pre race instructions/ national anthem
8am 50 mile RACE START
8:45 25 mile pre race instructions/ national anthem
9am 25 mile START
6:00pm-6:45pm Night 50 mile, Night 25 mile packet pickup
6:45pm Night Races pre race instruction/ national anthem
7:00pm Night Races START!
7:00pm- 7:45pm Night 25 mile packet pickup

Sunday September 1st 2pm Race finish closes


Pre-race dinner for all runners is included in race entry fee. Dinner will be served from 5pm-8pm at the camp Tuscazoar Dining Hall. Additional meals may be purchased at the door for family and crew for an additional cost. ($8)



Pacers will be allowed for the 100 mile and 75 mile distances only.
No pacers allowed before mile 50.
Only one pacer at a time per entrant.
Pacers may not mule/carry supplies for their runner.
All pacers must sign a liability waiver.
Pacers are allowed to help themselves to any food and beverages at aid stations while they are pacing. Waivers will be at the crew access aid stations. Pacers can only enter/exit the race at the start/finish aid station and the Zoar/brewery aid station.



All races will start and finish in front of the Camp Tuscazoar dining hall (Kimble Hall). This will also serve as the main hub of the race. The Main aid station will be located here where you can see your runner at miles 25,50,75, and Finish! This will be a great area for your crew to hang out. We will have music playing and a fire going all night. There are also restrooms located in this area AS WELL AS MENS AND WOMENS CHANGING ROOM THIS YEAR.


There is a 32 hour time limit for the 100 mile and 75 mile races

30 hours for the 8am 50 mile
29 hours for the 9am 25 mile
19 hours for the 7pm 50 mile
19 hours for the 8pm 25 mile
All runners must start their last loop by 7am on Sunday morning.
course closes at 2pm Sunday



Anyone wanting to volunteer please contact us at and we will work with you to figure out how you can best help make this race experience even better for the runners. We have started a new program where volunteers will receive $7 per hour that can be applied to future race credit or given to someone else (spouse, friend) for them to use as race credit.



All finishers will receive an award.

100-mile Finishers: A Tuscazoar 100 Belt Buckle

75-mile Finishers: A Tuscazoar Medal

50-mile Finishers: A Tuscazoar 50 Medal

25-mile Finishers: A Tuscazoar 25 Medal


Individual awards will be various size containers of maple syrup tapped and made from maple trees right on Camp Tuscazoar property! And will have customized Tuscazoar 100 labels!
100 mile overall winner male and female
100 mile age group by decade 1st and 2nd place male and female
50 mile overall winner male and female
50 mile age group by decade 1st and 2nd place male and female
25 mile overall winner male and female
25 mile age group by decade 1st and 2nd place male and female


Camp Tuscazoar is a nearly 100-year old Boy Scout camp. They have many accommodations to fit your needs. Plenty of primitive camping is located throughout the camp in different forms from tents, adirondack shelters, and campers/RVs, both with and without hookups. They also offer bunkhouse style cabins with beds that can be purchased per bed and a few cabins that could fit your whole crew. Please contact Camp Tuscazoar directly to make reservations. All primitive tent camping will only be $30 for the whole weekend and you will be able to camp in any designated area. You will still need to register for camping though the Camp Tuscazoar.

We encourage entrants to stay at the camp, but understand it may not fit everyone's needs, there are also several nice B&Bs located right on the course. Also, there are several hotels located within a short drive from the race.

Bed & Breakfast establishments

located near the Race:

The Cobbler Shop Bed & Breakfast

Cider Mill of Zoar

The Keeping Room Bed & Breakfast

Zoar School Inn Bed & Breakfast

Area Hotels

Sleep Inn of Bolivar    330-874-3435

Comfort Inn of Dover    330-364-8881

Radisson Country Inn & Suites of Dover    330-365-9388


With your registration you will receive:
Tuscazoar 100 race shirt
Trucker hat (100 mile only)
Pre race Dinner
Abundantly stocked aid stations
Swag Bag
An amazing race experience
Finishers award

100-mile - 6:00am

75-mile - 6:00am


50-mile - 8:00am


50-mile night- 7:00pm


25-mile - 9:00am


25-mile night - 7:00pm

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